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C.No.IV(16)135/Tech/D-III/04 Dated: 30.08.2006


This Trade Notice is being issued in partial modification of the earlier Trade Notice No. 37/2002 dated 10.10.2004 issued vide C.No. IV(16)415/D-III/Tech/2000/Pt./6287.
During the past few years, there has been a tremendous growth in the number of EOU, STP & EHTP units in the jurisdiction of this Commissionerate. Similarly, there has been a steep rise in the number of manufacturing units in the Manesar area falling under this Commissionerate. As a result, it has become very difficult to meet the work load in Range – IX & X falling under Division-II and handling 100% EOU units and Range-XIII, XIV & XV falling under Division-III of this Commissionerate.

In view of above, the jurisdiction of Division-II & III and Ranges-IX, X and XI to XV are being changed. Henceforth, the jurisdiction of Division-II & III and these Ranges will be as given below:-

Municipal Limits of Gurgaon City on the right side of Delhi-Jaipur Highway starting from Delhi border to Sohna Crossing (excluding the jurisdiction of Division-I); from Sohna Crossing to Daultabad road upto old Chungi and Bajghera Road including Kadipur village.

Area located on the Right Side of Delhi-Jaipur Road Starting from Anaj Mandi upto village Sidrawali within the jurisdiction of Gurgaon District and Pataudi Tehsil.


Municipal limits of the Gurgaon city covering the areas located on the right side of Delhi-Jaipur Road from IFFCO Crossing to Jharsa Crossing upto Gurgaon Railway Station on the right side of New Railway Road; Railway Station to Palam Vihar on the right side of railway line and the area of Gurgaon village including Daultabad Road (beyond Railway crossing) upto Old Chungi.


Municipal limits of Gurgaon city covering the areas located on the Right Side of Delhi-Jaipur Road from Jharsa Crossing to Sohna Crossing and upto Anaj mandi including village Kadipur and Pataudi Road; Jharsa Crossing to Gurgaon Railway Station on the left side of New Railway Road upto Bajghera Road within municipal limits of Gurgaon city.


Khandsa Road area starting after Anaj Mandi on the Right Side of Delhi-Jaipur Road including Khandsa Village, area of Pace-City-I & II, Sector-36 & Village Mohammadpur Jharsa excluding the area of Udyog Vihar Phase –VI & HSIDC sheds.


Areas of Udyog Vihar Phase VI & HSIDC Sheds, areas on the right hand side of Gurgaon – Pataudi – Rewari Road upto Village Chillar, Khalilpur of Pataudi Tehsil and Basai Road including Farookh Nagar and Village Dhankot.


Areas on the Right Side of Delhi-Jaipur Road of Narsingpur Village upto Village Manesar including both sides of Village Naharpur Kasan and Village Nawada, Silkanderpur Badda, Manesar Hyatpur Road upto Village Hyatpur and areas of Sector –2, 2A, 4 & 5 of IMT Manesar.


Areas covered within Sector –3 of IMT Manesar.


Areas excluding Sector 2, 2A, 3, 4 & 5 of IMT Manesar and areas starting on the Right Side of Delhi-Jaipur Road beyond Village Manesar intersection (Sita Resort/ Heritage Village) upto Village Sidrawali and areas on left side of Gurgaon-Pataudi-Rewari Road upto Village Chillar, Khalilpur of Pataudi Tehsil.
Distribution of manufacturing units including 100% EOU / STP / EHTP.

a) The 100% EOU/STP/EHTP units, which were, till date, being looked after by Range-IX and X will, henceforth, be controlled as detailed below:-

i EOU/EHTP/STP units having single manufacturing units will fall in the respective jurisdiction Ranges, as per their geographical locations (25 Ranges i.e. the existing jurisdiction of Range-I to VIII, XVI to XXV and modified jurisdiction of Ranges IX to XV).

ii EOU/EHTP/STP units having multi-locational manufacturing units will be controlled by the Range under whose jurisdiction the oldest unit of this EOU is located. All other units of this EOU/STP/EHTP will be looked after by this Range only irrespective of their geographical location.

iii EOU/EHTP/STP units affected by the above change should intimate this office about their new Range latest by 20.09.06.

b) All the manufacturing units other than 100% EOU/STP/EHTP and the registered dealers in the Ranges of erstwhile jurisdiction of Range – XI to XV will now be distributed among IX to XV Ranges with modified jurisdiction.

A copy of erstwhile Trade Notice No. 37/2002 issued by this office, referred above, is being enclosed so that these units can identify the Range under the jurisdiction of which they would be falling now. It is, further, requested that each of the manufacturing units including EOU/STP/EHTP unit should inform the Assistant Commissioner (Technical), Central Excise Commissionerate, Delhi-III, Gurgaon about their new jurisdictional Range, within fifteen days of the issue of this Trade Notice. The trade is advised to seek the help of the Assistant Commissioner (Technical), Central Excise Commissionerate, Delhi-III for this purpose.

The trade is further informed that a Special Committee is being constituted to look into the problems faced by the trade, if any, during the transition period. This team will attend to the problems of the trade and solve them in a time bound manner.

SL.No. Name Designation

1. Mrs. Charul Baranwal Joint Commissioner
2. Mr. Bashishta Prasad Deputy Commissioner, Division-II
3. Mr. Rajan Mathur Superintendent (AE)
4. Mr. M.K. Yadav Superintendent (AE)
5. Mr. Arvind Pal Inspector, Range-IX
6. Mr. Vijayalakshmi Inspector, Range-XIV

In case of any difficulty, the trade is advised to bring it to the notice of the Committee in writing. Their problems will be discussed by the Committee in the meeting to be held on every Monday and Thursday of the week. The Committee will find solutions the problems of the trade and intimate them in writing.

This change will take place with effect from 01.10.2006.

                                                                                                                                                                           (PIYUSHA PATNAIK)

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